Underprivileged Children

Because it's never too late to have a Happy Childhood

Do you know that about 40% of India’s population is under the age of 19. That means about 48 crore Indians are children & teens. On the other hand, one official estimate states 22% of India’s population to be below the poverty line. If we compare these two stats, we can say that India has about 10.5 crore poor children! This number itself is more than the overall population of many countries of the world.

These underprivileged children don’t get even a basic level of social, emotional and physical development. They are exposed to the harsh difficulties and realities of life at such a young age. They suffer from malnutrition, low self-esteem, and are forced to beg for alms. Poverty is a big reason for their plight followed by Illiteracy. Because of lack of money and education, they are forced into work at a tender age and earn for their families.

More suffering is experienced by the lack of food, clean water and sanitation facilities due to which they suffer from various health issues & diseases. Some of them also become thieves, and subsequently, criminals. Girls are, specifically, in danger of physical abuse, torture, rapes and may also go through child marriage.

They are the hopes of a brighter future, they are innocent and not responsible for their own situation. Like any other kid, these underprivileged children also wish to get a normal upbringing and childhood. They also have dreamy eyes, a passion to do something worthwhile in their life.

A popular line in the poem, “My heart leaps up”, written by William Wordsworth, is so true: ‘The Child is the Father of the Man’.

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