After all... There is a Heart & Humanness in them too!

The word ‘Transgender’ itself is very much misunderstood. Imagine the plight of the Transgenders in the country who face bigotry and bias in every moment of their life. We live in the 21st century, but that is not what the Transgenders feel. There is still a long list of problems faced by this community which are severe and horrifying than by anyone else.

Lack of education, Unemployment, lack of medical facilities, homelessness and bitter discrimination are some of the main issues faced by the Transgenders. They are also not entitled to any inheritance of property or adoption of a child. With very limited means to feed themselves and stay alive, they end up dancing and begging for money; some of them also become sex workers. They haven’t been provided with amenities like washrooms at any public spaces. Same goes for any public constructions like schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.

When a child starts behaving and dressing in a way opposite to its gender, the family becomes hostile. They scold, then threaten, assault and finally disown/evict the poor child from their house. Sometimes the child, unable to tolerate the hatred, not wanting to shame the family, decide to run away permanently. Transgenders face harsh treatment even from the Police! In the form of mental & physical abuse, extortion, forced sex, etc.

Since hundreds of years, Trans people have been pushed aside and oppressed as social outcasts. They are battling to get basic rights to live a life like everyone. We all should contribute to uplift them, bring them on par with us, give them dignity and a long-lasting smile. To know more, read this:

  • Transgender population was counted for the first time in 2014. Accordingly, there are 4,90,000 Transgenders living in India. Although many Transgender activists claim they are 6 to 7 times more than this number.

  • The same 2014 census found out that only 46% of them were literate.