Our Causes

The Causes we care about

In our quest to realize a world full of equality, a world brimming with humans who live harmoniously with compassion for each other; we have taken up the causes of underprivileged children, the Transgender people and the senior citizens of Old-age homes. Our planet will surely be on the path of equality as these people start getting uplifted from their current living predicament.

Underprivileged Children

Do you know that about 40% of India’s population is under the age of 19. That means about 48 crore Indians are children & teens. On the other hand, one official estimate states 22% of India’s population to be below the poverty line.

Old Age Homes

With a rapid rise in Urbanisation and Westernisation, the concept of joint families is fading away, and this is proving a bad thing for the elderly people.


The word ‘Transgender’ itself is very much misunderstood. Imagine the plight of the Transgenders in the country who face bigotry and bias in every moment of their life.